Successful Consulting
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Successful Consulting

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  • Item #: Jan 13-16, 2014
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Are you unemployed but have specific knowledge that is in demand?

Mike has 23 years of corporate financial experience and has been thinking about "striking out" on his own for many years.  Now that he has been laid off, he knows it is his time...

Are you underemployed and wish that you could put your knowledge to insightful use?

Jane had to take this job, even though she is overqualified, just for some income.  She wishes that she could utilize her knowledge to help others...

Are you employed but disgruntled because your value is underappreciated?

Pete feels stuck in his current job.  For the last several years, he was "happy" that he had a job in this economy, but continuing to tell himself that just doesn't help anymore...

Become a Successful Consultant!

This 4-day T.I.E.™ course is designed to provide consultants, or human talent with the knowledge to be a consultant, with broad tools to become a  very successful consultant.  We will look at the entire consulting process and show you how to manage client relationships and achieve success in client engagements. 

 If you have ever thought about putting your experience to work for yourself, and control your own destiny, then this is the course for you!

 Four (4) full days of classroom education, expression, and exercises are designed to help you be the better consultant for your paying clients!

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